We are NOT offering our Catering services during COVID, but we are offering DIY Pizza Party Kits, so you can have a fun Pizza Party at your home! DIY Pizza Party

Chicks and Love pizza catering can bring their operation to you! Whether it’s a Business event, Grand Opening, Fundraiser, Birthday, Anniversary, Weddings, Rehearsals, Graduation, Housewarming, Celebration of Life or Holiday Party, your guests will be impressed with pizzas made to order in front of them, and you will be the talk of the town! The Chicks will surely make your event memorable, indoors or out!  We enjoy serving parties of 30-150 guests.


  • Total cost for 30 pizzas is $784-$900, depending on if we use your ovens or ours!
  • Flatbread pizzas at $11/pizza. (Minimum order is 30 pizzas- $330) . You get to choose 4 types of pizzas from the menu
  • 1.5 hours cooking time for 30 pizzas-$300.            2 hours cooking time for: 40-60 pizzas-$350.              70-90 pizzas-$400.  Additional cooking time beyond 2 hours is $80/ hour, maximum 3 hours. 3 hours of cooking time is required for 100-150 pizzas.
  • Using our portable propane pizza ovens (outdoor use only) $100 for 30 pizzas.  $125 for 40-60.   $150 for 70-90 pizzas.  $200 100-125.
  • Using your oven(s)*, there is no charge for 30 pizzas. 35-50 maximum pizzas indoors- $60 to bring an indoor portable oven if your oven is not large enough.   *Ovens vary in size and calibration, and we may need additional time or bring in an extra oven to serve your guests in the most efficient manner possible. *DURING COVID19 we are unable to cook indoors. 
  • 8.75% sales tax on food
  • 20% Gratuity will be added on to the bill.
  • Travel fee if more than 15 minutes from 94523

Catering FAQs


What type of services do you provide?

  • The customer preorders a minimum of 30 flatbread pizzas.
  • We cook your preordered pizzas on site, indoors or out.
  • We continuously put HOT slices of pizza on a “pizza buffet” area, and your guests help themselves. (Your guests do not order pizzas from us, unless it’s for Gluten Free orders.)


What size are the flatbreads? How many servings from ONE flatbread?

    • They oblong, approximately 11”x 7”
    • Pizzas are cut into 4-6 slices. Each slice is the size of a standard 4”-5”cell phone.
    • An average person can eat 1-1.25 flatbreads. Big eaters enjoy 1.5 – 2

Do you offer Gluten Free (GF)?

      • Yes! Available on request only.
      • We make our own gluten free crusts with white and brown rice flour, millet flour, sorghum flour, xanthan gum, teff flour, olive oil, honey, salt and yeast.
      • We cannot guarantee that the pizza will be 100% gluten free. There may be traces of gluten on our equipment, utensils and the “ready prepared” food products that we use. We do not bake in a Certified Gluten Free facility, however all the ingredients use are certified gluten free.
      • These crusts are cooked in a facility and in ovens that processes gluten flatbreads.
      • Your gluten free guests will be able to customize their own pizza, on site! You will want to instruct these guests to place their order with us directly!

How are the flatbreads served? Are disposables supplied?

    • Slices of flatbreads presented on wooden platters, with signs that include names and ingredients. (See pics on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages!)
    • You (the host) need to supply plates, napkins and an area (table or countertop) for the pizza buffet (wooden platters).

Are there any other food or beverages offered?

    • We specialize in pizza only.
    • We suggest that you buy a salad or two from your favorite deli, Whole Foods or Costco.

What type of ingredients do you use?

  • The following items are Organic/ Organically Grown: Our Original pizza crusts are made with organic flour, garlic, tomato pizza sauce, , green onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil, or any produce that we use, and our own backyard farm eggs.  Our Gluten Free crusts are non-GMO.


Do I need to give you deposit?

    • 50% nonrefundable deposit due upon reserving your date.
    • FINAL head count due 1 week before your event.
    • Final payment of balance due on day of your event.
    • If the event is canceled:
      -30 days or more prior to the event date: the full deposit will be refunded
      -14-days prior to the event date: 40% of the deposit will be refunded
      -7-days prior to the event date: 50% deposit will be retained by us
      -3 days or less prior to the event: the full amount of the event will be retained/owed to us

What type of Payments do you accept?

        • Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal (friends or family)


What size & type of space do you need to do your pizza magic?

    • For OUTDOOR cooking, we need SHADE in the daytime, and some LIGHT if we are cooking in the dark.
    • We can squeeze everything in a 10’x10’ or even slightly smaller space.
    • For INDOOR cooking we need 2-3’counter space next to the ovens, and another 3’ counter space for assembling the pizzas.
    • Ultimately, you would want us to be cooking as CLOSE as possible to where the pizzas will be presented (within 10’-20’). This will ensure FRESH & HOT pizzas for your guests!
    • You provide a table (tablecloth if needed) or counter, indoors or out, where the pizzas will be served….The Pizza Buffet!
    • Whenever we cater an event, the guests are ALWAYS interested in watching us make the pizzas! So consider this when planning the best location to put us!
    • We need a parking space that is closest to the cooking area where will be stationed.  There is a extra charge for locations that we have to hike or climb stairs or are more than 2 minute walk from the parking space.
    • Pathways to from the parking space to the cooking station must be cleared, well lit, with no trip/safety hazards. Typically referring to garages, backyards and side gate areas.

Please see MENU tab for menu! Contact The Chicks for more details!


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