The Chicks

Established since 2010, Chicks and Love is a family, women and LGBTQIA owned small business.  Created from the love, passion & talents of two native SF Bay Area professional women:  One teacher/chef and one nurse otherwise known as The Chicks.

Chef Kellie Joe has an extensive background in the hospitality industry including working with Wolfgang Puck.  She was the founder and instructor of Monte Vista Culinary Academy in Danville, CA.  For twelve years, she enjoyed teaching over 3,000 teenagers the art of cooking as well as hospitality management.  Chef Kellie also has a certification in Health Coaching.  She just launched their latest business Queen of Crusts

Vanda Chong is responsible for all things cute about Chicks and Love®. She loves nature and animals, so her superpowers include caring for their dog, cat, chickens, koi fish, bees, and garden. She is the head farmer and beekeeper!  She loves to design and build their farm necessities, cook amazing egg dishes, and she is a nurse by day!

In their backyard farm, the Chicks have a cat, dogs, koi fish, chickens and bees. Organic farm fresh pasture raised eggs from their chickens which were originally used to create their best selling flatbread pizza: The Farm Fresh. The honey from their bees, when available, is a key ingredient in their organic flatbread pizza dough.  The Chicks grow organic fruits and vegetables.

Chicks and Love offers their baked to order handcrafted personal Flatbread Pizzas at Farmers’ Markets in Walnut Creek (2010- present). Formerly located at Danville Farmers Market (2014-2016) and at Chicks and Love Pizza Patio in the Mission district of San Francisco (2016-2018). 

They also cater private parties and special events. They have created the Interactive Pizza Party which provides a fun experience for your guests.  The Ingredients used are local, organic and backyard farm raised.  It‘s pizza you feel good about eating!

Mission:  Chicks and Love© strives to inspire and educate our communities about Real Food culture, respect for the environment and to live long, happy, healthy sustainable lives.  The Chicks promote LOVE!

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